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Snapshots | July

Social media is a craaaaazy thing. A good kind of crazy. I first became acquainted with a super awesome girl named Molly (who also happens to be a super awesome photographer) on instagram. We exchanged comments on one of my many Which Wich instagram posts….and decided we had to meet and share our love of Which Wich. You see, I will share my love of Which Wich with anyone and everyone who will listen…and anyone who shares that love with me gets a high five. I should be a poster child for them…or at least have my own referral program setup.:)

Ooops, totally veering off topic here.

After Molly and I decided to become non-instagram friends, and friends in real life, things came up and we never got to have our lunch date. And then we both happened to sign up for an ISES networking event last week. And we finally got to meet in real life…woooooot!

What does that story have to do with anything, you ask? Am I just rambling? Haha, well maybe…I tend to do that a lot. But before I met Molly, I followed her blog. And I literally felt like I knew her before we even met. How she writes on her blog is exactly how she sounds in real life. And I am inspired by that. If we haven’t met, I want you to feel like you know me before you meet me. And if we have met, I want you to feel like we’re chatting it up like old friends. So, here’s to writing a little more like I’d be talking to you in real life.:)

I don’t ever carry my camera with me during everyday life, unless I’m shooting a session or a wedding. I’m a firm believer that the best camera you have is the one that you have with you. And for my every day life, that’s my iPhone. I recently went to the Snapshot exhibit at the IMA and was really inspired by it. There are hundreds of photographs in the exhibit…and they are all snapshots from the artists’ lives. Because at the end of the day, it’s the moments in between that really matter and shape us into the people that we are. Those are the moments I want to remember…all of the little things.

Here’s a little glimpse into my life in July…..

Went swimming. Saw ‘Ted’ with Ryan + Katie + Kemmon. Celebrated the 4th of July with old friends.

Shot a wedding with Pete on the hottest day ever. Went to the IMA Snapshot exhibit with new friends. Ate at Which Wich.

Visited Vegas. Attended Bob Davis’ WTF (What the Flash) workshop + he rocked my world. Saw a gorgeous sunset.

Finally a few rain drops. Shot an NFL wedding with Angela. Shot a few days of the Indianapolis International Film Festival.

Had a lunch date with Ryan. Found a new have wine at Harry + Izzy’s. Went to an Indian’s game.


Stay tuned later this week for Kelly + Chris’ wedding from last fall!


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