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Sodalis Nature Park

Friday night is our date night. It usually consists of going to B-Dubs. We always have the same server who knows I like my diet coke from the fountain and not the soda gun behind the bar; who asks Ryan if he’s having a Miller Lite or Killian’s. We get the same thing every week – right down to the basket of potato wedges with the cheese layered…extra cheese.

Last Friday night, we went to Sodalis Nature Park. This was the first day it was open, so I thought it would be a fun addition to our regular date night. Little did I realize that all of the rain we’ve had lately meant we would be surrounded by mosquitoes.PINOn our way into the park…Ryan had no idea his poor little head was going to get attacked by mosquitoes once we crossed this bridge.PINPINPINPINThis awesome tree chair was along one of the paths.PINPINSince the park is so new, some of the trails were closed and there were lots of newly planted trees everywhere.PIN

It was a perfect date night. I got to spend time with Ryan and now, every time we drive by the park, we just look at each other and laugh about the attack of the mosquitoes.


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