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Okay, so I got a little behind on posting my weekly photos. Two people in the last week have reminded me (ahem KM & KS), so I thought I should get myself back to weekly postings.

I do have to admit I completely skipped out on week #17. These weekly photos are more of a personal project, and I decided to sit out a week. Since the project is for me (and not for work, school or anything/anyone else), I guess I can sorta make up the rules.:)

52 of Twenty Eleven

Week #18 | Straight Out of Camera

The idea of this week’s theme was to get your photo as correct as possible when you took the shot. So, this photo was straight out of my camera – no post-processing of any kind was done on this photo. In fact, when I submitted it, I put my logo on it and it was rejected since it was altered [by adding only my logo]. You may remember Amanda from this photo walk.


Week # 19 | Give Me Flowers

We have this huge tree in our front yard which pretty much covers the entire yard in shade; it allows a little bit of sunlight into the yard in the evening [you can see the tree on the left side of the photo]. So, finding flowers to grow was quite a challenge. And not to mention, I am so not good at keeping plants/flowers alive. We planted these flowers a few years ago and they just keep coming back every year.:)


Week #20 | My Passion

Okay, duh-town….my passion is photography. This was my very first film camera, a Luxon Super 1000, given to me by my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Cox. I took photography in the ninth grade and needed a camera…and Mr. Cox was nice enough to give me his daughter’s camera that she had never used. It’s amazing how much photography has changed from film to digital, but I’m so thankful to have learned what I know with film. There’s nothing quite like being in a darkroom…


MCP Project 52

Week #18 | First Thing in the Morning

Some people can’t begin their day until they have a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee…can’t stand the taste, but love the smell. I always start my day out with a Diet Coke. If it’s from a fountain at McDonald’s, that’s a bonus!


Week #19 | Window Light

This week’s theme was a little challenging for me. I snagged this fun little piece at TJ Maxx a while ago. We have shelves that line the picture window in our dining room, and the light that came in the window as the sun was setting caught my eye.:)


Week #20 | Spring Fever

Spring time means it’s time for Scott’s Lawn Service to put a little pep in the yard to make it extra green and pretty. They have worked some serious miracles on our yard and are worth every penny!



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