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Ashley | Trash the Dress

Ashley and I met at Purdue back in 2004 through Chelsea. Ashley and Chelsea knew each other in high school…you see, they’re both from Mentone [aka the Egg Basket of the Midwest]. In fact, Ashley’s dad is a chicken farmer. He might just be the cutest chicken farmer I’ve ever seen. For reals.

I had just transferred to Purdue from DePauw and knew almost no one. I remember walking into Foods & Nutrition class, which was in quite possibly the l.a.r.g.e.s.t. classroom I’d even been in…especially coming from DePauw. In a sea of a few hundred people, I saw a familiar head of red hair that belonged to Chelsea. She was sitting by this cute bubbly girl with curly blonde hair named Ashley. The three of us went from having a Foods & Nutrition class together to being roommates the next year.

Fast-forward to 2010. After Ashley and David’s wedding, she got their wedding photos back. She looked gorgeous in her dress, so we decided to do a Trash the Dress shoot. What girl doesn’t want an excuse to put on her wedding dress again?! We found a random field with big hay bales and kind-of-sort-of-maybe (unknowingly) trespassed a little.:)



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